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What is German New Medicine?

German New Medicine, also known as GNM, is a holistic healthcare system developed by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer. It is based on the idea that all diseases and conditions have a specific emotional and psychological cause, and that these causes can be identified and treated in order to heal the physical manifestation of the disease.

According to GNM, all diseases and conditions can be traced back to a specific shock or trauma that the individual experienced at some point in their life. These shocks can be emotional, physical, or psychological in nature, and they are believed to cause a disruption in the individual's natural state of balance, leading to the development of a specific disease or condition.

One of the key principles of GNM is that every organ and tissue in the body has its own specific emotions and conflicts associated with it. For example, breast cancer is believed to be linked to conflicts related to nurturing and caretaking, while lung cancer is believed to be linked to conflicts related to communication and expression. By identifying and addressing the underlying emotional and psychological conflicts, it is believed that the physical manifestation of the disease can be healed.

While GNM is not a mainstream healthcare system, it has gained a significant following in some parts of the world. Many individuals who have experienced success with GNM have reported significant improvements in their physical and emotional well-being, and have credited the approach with helping them to heal from various diseases and conditions.

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