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The Year of the Yang Wood Dragon and a New 20-Year Cycle

In ancient China, keenly observing the stars and planetary bodies was not only considered sacred, but essential in planning everything from crop cycles to military strategies. In modern times, so many of us rarely look up at the night sky, let alone plan our life around the positions of celestial bodies.

Why do the stars influence us? Light carries tons of information, so the light coming to us at different times will uniquely influence us. The way I use Chinese astrology and feng shui is not as a superstition or fixed destiny, but rather as an opportunity to create a bit more ease by aligning our free will to compliment these energetic tides. Just as the wind and tides affect the way we would adjust the sails on a ship, the moving energies impact the way we might want to plan out our year, home, and life.

2024 is an exciting year because we’ve entered into a new feng shui period, which only shifts every 20 years. Period 9, which marks the end of a 20-year earth phase and the start of a new 20-year fire phase, is ruled by fire and is extremely supportive for women, matters of the heart, metaphysics, technology, the virtual world, and financial growth. It is fiery, passionate, expansive, fast, and dynamic. Fire activates change-- we might find ourselves noticing that things we’ve been meaning to let go of are now burning out of our lives, and new things rise from the fertile ash. This is a good year to connect to the energy of the phoenix. The counterbalance (earth energy) will be very important for us to integrate to avoid burnout. Staying grounded into mother earth, meditating, slowing down, and practicing embodiment is essential during period 9.

This is also the year of the dragon, which comes every twelve years. More specifically, we’re in the year of the yang wood dragon, which comes once every 60 years (think 1964). The energies will impact each of us differently depending on our own placements, but in general this is a good year to remain flexible (like wood) and to give special care to the south area of the home, which represents how we are known, how we share our light with the world, the general concept of being seen.

This particular year is the laughing baby dragon, a spark of light after the dark and mysterious rabbit hole of the yin water rabbit in 2023. Like a baby, expect to learn as you go this year. Those who prefer to adhere to stiff plans will be in for surprises. Those who are able to surrender to the dynamic flow of life and pivot regularly will have fun. There is an entrepreneurial spirit here that supports new ventures, so long as they are aligned with the truest and most sincere intentions and desires of the heart, they will be fueled by the dragon year.

The dragon is the only animal in the Chinese zodiac that flies. It is also the only animal that is ethereal (interdimensional?) connecting heaven and earth. Zoom out like the dragon looking at things from a bird's eye view. Connect to your crown charkra and be open to spiritual downloads, but don't forget to put down your golden roots first.

Many of us will see/feel improvement in our feng shui charts in period 9. The feng shui “blueprint” of the home is represented by a series of numbers and their energetic signatures. For the past 20 years the number 2 star was untimely, inviting in the energies of sickness and infertility. During period 9 (now until 2044) the number 2 star has become timely, making its influence auspicious for women, fertility, and spirituality. A classical flying star feng shui consultant can tell you where in your space these numbers are influencing you, and what remedies will benefit you.

I'll be offering intuitive Chinese astrology readings through April and May of 2024, feel free to book using the calendar on my website.

Wishing you all an auspicious year of personal growth and reflection.

Love, Valerie

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