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We hold a vision of limitless possibility: Mother Earth thrives in her wild purity and abundance;  People stand tall in alignment with their soul’s essence, as they utilize personal power and connect with their evolving Truth.


Meet Valerie


Holistic Health Practitioner, Manager of Silver Maple Society

Hi! I'm Valerie. I grew up here in Michigan on a lake, among huge silver maple trees where I would make forts and fairy houses as a child. I left Michigan for graduate school in LA when I was nineteen. During my five years studying Chinese medicine I fell in love with ancient and miraculous healing arts, including feng shui, and met my soulmate, a Norwegian film producer. We now live in Michigan with our beloved rescue dog and the center of our universe- our daughter. This private mission-based organization is in service to those who appreciate the magic and sanctity of the natural world, and who value personal freedom. Current offerings include classical Flying Star Feng Shui, classical Chinese herbalism, and intuitive astrology consultations. I am also a freebirther, and hold a special place in my heart for sovereign birth and women's health. 



We believe that all of the power to transform, transcend, and thrive lies within each individual.  Self-guided courses offer mastery of life-changing tools to harmonize the mind, body, spirit, and environment.

Holistic Services

The landscape of the body offers so much wisdom if we only know how to tune in to its language.  One-on-one consultations provide a deep dive into your specific health concerns, addressing the energetic, spiritual, and physical root causes of disharmony or adaptations that the body has made.

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Feng Shui

Most of us spend over 80% of our time indoors. Our spaces have an opportunity to function as sacred mirrors, supporting and reflecting our highest selves and most inspired states of being.   Feng Shui utilizes a "birth chart" of the selected space to balance the elements and transform the home, office, and land into containers of harmony.

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